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Gold Standard Service with a picture of 5 gold stars. Read below to discover what each one of them means.1. Hospital Grade Cleaners: We care about your health, the environment, and the cleanliness of your workspace. All of the cleaners we use are approved for use in hospitals and we choose the option with the lowest environmental impact possible within that standard.2. Color Coded Microfiber: Our color coded system of microfiber towels allows us to prevent cross-contamination and pick up the maximum amount of dirt and germs quickly and easily. Being able to reuse the towels after laundering reduces waste and helps the environment.3. Flat Mopping System: The flat mopping system also uses color coded microfiber to eliminate cross-contamination. The pad on the mop is changed several times during the mopping process to cut out having to reuse dirty water, increasing the cleaning capacity by 80%.4. HEPA Backpack Vacuum: Our light weight backpack vacuums contain HEPA filtration, which helps improve your indoor air quality by capturing up to 99% of airborne particles down to .3 microns. The compact design runs quieter than most vacuums at just 62db.5. Team Cleaning Approach: We train a minimum team of two for each location. This Team Approach helps maintain accountability, and ensures that all the items on your cleaning list are completed every single time. Where a single person may become complacent, a team will stay on task.